Muscadine Grape Seed Benefits for Health

Muscadine Grape Seed Benefits So Many Things!

I am always talking about the muscadine grape seed benefits for health issues. And for a reason.


It changed my life.

muscadine grape seed benefits

And my husbands.


I’m forty-eight and feel better than I did in my thirties.


So ya.


I’m just a tad partial to this amazing berry-slash-grape that only grows in the hot southeastern parts of the United States. =)


About 5 years ago, I noticed that I was just fatigued all the time. I slept a lot cause it just felt SO good to just be warm and sleep. And the deep muscle aches and pains…. even when I’d cover up, get warm and sleep for an hour… when I’d wake up, it hurt so bad to move that I’d just want to curl back up and go to sleep again.


But I am a Mom and moms don’t get to do that. There’s always stuff to do. Always.


So anyways, I just thought it was age creeping up on me, and like with most things in life, you just kind of adapt and keep moving on. I don’t ‘do’ doctors or meds, unless it’s a life threatening issue so I never even thought about getting myself checked out by a Dr… ( I have since learned that I would very likely have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia)  And I have learned since that the muscadine grape seeds are one of the highest known forms of natural resveratrol and anti-inflammatory aids which is why I no longer suffer from these issues.


It is SO AWESOME to not have to deal with all those issues anymore. Thank you, Jesus!


Muscadine Grape Seed Benefits Got Really Real!


Then my husband had a trucking accident where he broke some bones in his back, hurt his sciatic nerve and damaged discs, etc… just a bad ordeal, but we were so thankful he was alive. It could have been much worse!


But in the end after days of being off work, letting his back heal, therapy… even losing 75 pounds with hopes of the pain easing that he was now living with 24/7 because of the injuries. ( my husband does NOT take pain pills –  he says they mess you up… ) …He was STILL in constant pain and at times it would get so bad, I’d have to help him out of his vehicle when he’d get home, so he could get to the recliner where he’d stay till the next morning, cause it just hurt too much to move.


Not a nice retirement picture at all!!




She asked me if I ever heard of this muscadine grape seed extract stuff?


I hadn’t.


But something made me ask…


What About Muscadine Grape Seeds for Back Pain?

She proceeded to tell me how it had helped a friend of hers with almost the same problems that my hubby was having.


I was leery as you hear so much about ‘miracle pills’ and potions but I was also desperate enough to know that we really had nothing to lose by trying something as nothing was helping up this point with his pain.


I am one of those ‘if I’m gonna do it, then now is as good a time as any‘ kind of a person, so even before I got off the phone with my friend, I was online ordering a few bottles!


What happened next is still kind of mind boggling.


It was clearly a God ordained, very timely product to cross our pathway.


We got the bottle of muscadine grape seeds in the afternoon so I told my husband to take 4 ( my friend had told me that taking 8 a day was what helped the other guy) … so I told him to take 4 that night. The next morning he took 4 more and went to work. When he got home, 4 more. We weren’t really expecting anything much to happen for a few weeks as that’s normally how natural remedies for back pain – or ANY health issues work.


The next morning ( on the THIRD day) when he got up, I noticed his eyes immediately. They weren’t glazed with pain. But I brushed it off, thinking there is no way he’d have results that fast.


So I just casually asked him how we was feeling.


He stopped dead in his tracks and said.




This had NEVER happened ever since his accident about two years earlier.


He then proceeded to bend down as if to tie his shoes, something that was always very painful… and there was almost no pain!


We were still skeptical that it was for real…and that it was ALL due to the muscadine grape seed benefits. NOTHING works THAT fast. But it WAS FOR REAL. From that day on, the pain got less and less.  That was over three years ago. He has taken the mgs supplement faithfully for all that time, and won’t be without them.


Course, I won’t either! I wasn’t even expecting results for my pain issues, but after about 3 months of taking 3 capsules a day, I realized one day that I don’t hurt anymore like I used to.


We both take 3-4 capsules a day as a maintenance program. The grape seed resveratrol benefits alone makes it worth it – kinda like a fountain of youth for us. 😉


So… you may be asking…


Where Can I Buy Grape Seed Extract?


If you think the muscadine grape seed benefits might be good for your personal health issues, you can buy it a couple places. I just don’t recommend buying it over the counter at local stores!


The stuff you can buy at a walmart or drug stores is often loaded with fillers or outdated so it just doesn’t work as well.


We have several places that we buy it from…. the BEST quality muscadine grape seed supplement we have found is from a direct selling company – here is a link where you can buy it…


We don’t plan to EVER be without our muscadine grape seed supplement if we can help it!


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