Oil of Magnesium for Kids The ROLL ON Kind! Where WAS This Stuff When MY Kids Were Little?


Oil of Magnesium for Kids…The Roll on Kind!

Oil of magnesium for KIDS in a roll on bottle for squirmy, crying little babies.


Where WAS this stuff when I had my five little babies??


This one is not one of my amish home remedies – although we knew magnesium was calming for little ones, there was not ANYTHING on the market like this that I know of.


I first met Emily and Dr Wiggy about 4 years ago.


They are a wonderful Christian couple with very high family values and also VERY high health values. Especially for their little ones. Dr Wiggy is actually an MD who practices integrative medicine and has helped THOUSANDS of patients with thyroid, health and weight issues by helping them get to the ROOT of their issues instead of just prescribing a drug to take care of the symptoms. I love that couple!


magnesium for kids


Dr Wiggy was the one that helped formulate the amazing protein powder for Natures Pearl that so many moms are loving right now. He designed it to not only target the main weight loss resistance areas, like insulin resistance, food allergies, inflammation, etc, but it’s also soy and dairy free, gluten free, no preservatives and just an all around great protein mix to have handy.



And now they have also designed a few other great products – among them the wonderful Calming oil of Magnesium for kids.


This is what Emily said…” We couldn’t find a magnesium for kids that we could use on our son. They were either very difficult to apply or would irritate his skin as most of the magnesium products found online are made for adults. So we decided to make our own Magnesium Oil with a gentle blend of Magnesium Oil and Aloe Vera.


Kid Safe Magnesium Oil. Gentle blend of Magnesium Oil and Aloe Vera will not burn or itch. Easy to Use Roll-on Applicator. Great for Calming, Headaches, and Sleep.* Money Back Guarantee.Kid Safe Magnesium Oil. Gentle blend of Magnesium Oil and Aloe Vera will not burn or itch. Easy to Use Roll-on Applicator. Great for Calming, Headaches, and Sleep.And she is so right.


Most of the magnesium for kids especially comes in a spray or in a liquid that they have to take internally.
With the roll-on applicator the magnesium can be applied to the bottom of the feet or between the shoulder blades very easily – even on a squirming child!


You can often see a noticeable change in your child’s behavior and see relief from symptoms within about 20 minutes of applying it. Try it to calm a nervous, anxious or hyper child… or on a child with growing pains.


I wish I had this stuff when my kids had those annoying growing pains in their legs at night!




There are TONS of raving reviews on this product on Amazon  which I’ll let you read for yourself.

Some of the best ones are of moms using it on themselves with great results. Here are a few recent reviews…

oil of magnesium safe for kids



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      I’m sorry! If it was after midnight on the 1st, the coupon may not be valid anymore. Emily said she thinks it will only work till midnight on the first of April. As far as I know Amazon is the cheapest place to buy it, and quite possibly the ONLY place to get it at this point as it’s a fairly new product.

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