How to Use Essential Oils for Health Remedies

how to use essential oils for healthHow to Use Essential Oils For Health Remedies

More and more moms are becoming aware of how to use essential oils for health remedies.

Which I think is just beautiful.

I just plumb LOVE my oils! And nope, I am not a distributor for any of them.  I am too cheap, I guess. Plus Amazon has some great quality oils at great prices.

There are so many things that can be helped with these simple little bottles of oils!  And they are so easy to use… but because essential oils are so pure and effective, there are also several things to be aware of.

Remember that ANYTHING we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream within about half a minute… kinda sobering when you think of all the make-up and skin products we have applied over the years!

This means that alist essential oil usesny BAD thing we put on our skin is ALSO absorbed into the bloodstream in less than half a minute.

Let’s focus on the good stuff we can apply to our skin for now tho…

For the most part, oils are manufactured in a way that makes them very safe to use for many common ailments and discomforts.

However, I would advise getting a guide or booklet on how to use essential oils for home remedies so you know which ones can be applied directly to the skin and which ones need to be mixed with another oil like olive or coconut oil.

Some oils are potent enough to irritate the skin and by mixing them with a safe oil, such as coconut oil, it breaks down the powerfulness of it just enough to let the oil still do the job, but without hurting us.

My favorite spot for rubbing oils for ANY health issue is the bottom of the feet. It seems to be one of the safest places to apply essential oils and yet get the full benefit of them.

I even rub oils on my OWN feet when I need some.  Just a few dabs of Lavender oil on the bottom of your feet will have you sleeping like a baby! 


A Whole List of Essential Oils Uses

There are books that have a whole list of essential oils uses all laid out and if you don’t have one yet, I’d recommend grabbing one somewhere and then just adding oils to your collection as you go along.

We have covered a few of the ways on how to use essential oils for health issues here on our blog but I highly recommend that you GRAB A booklet on using oils from Amazon. They aren’t expensive at all and so worth every penny.

Here are a few great How to Use Oils books and Basic Essential Oil sets from Amazon..

I do a lot of Amazon shopping myself, and whenever I need that one last little item to get my free shipping, I always look for a new kind of oil that I don’t have yet!

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