Home Remedies for a Migraine Headache Do They Work?

home remedies for a migraine headache

Home Remedies for a Migraine Headache That Actually Work

When looking at home remedies for a migraine headache, or just normal headaches – I think we can all agree on one thing.


Nature's Way Feverfew Leaves, 380 MG, 180 CapsulesNature’s Way Feverfew Leaves, 380 MG, 180 Capsules

We are looking for ways to get them to DISAPPEAR. And if you are like me, you have tried a bunch of stuff.


I have personally suffered with migraines off and on my whole life. Not the big severe ones that last for a week or longer, but severe enough to make me feel like I came back from the dead once they were gone. Big enough that I was nauseated all day. And severe enough that I noticed when they got less and less!


For me, there is one HUGE culprit that feeds the migraines. SUGAR.


If I consistently cut out ALL sugar from my diet, and that includes flours and starches that turn to sugar inside my body… then I can pretty much keep the migraines gone. It’s just not that easy to do the whole ‘don’t eat sugar‘ thing! Here is my sugar savior…




And since I’ve been taking the muscadine grape seed supplement on a daily basis…they have GREATLY lessened as well. Even when I get off my ‘being a good girl‘ phase with the sugars, they don’t become full blown migraines like they used to.

 Do the Home Remedies for a Migraine Headache Work for Most People?

As far as migraine headaches home remedies, here are a few that have helped me over the years, and some I have heard have helped others too… Whether or not they will work for you, no one can guarantee as everybody’s body is different. These are just some natural remedies that have been tested and tried for migraines. Who knows, one of them just might work for you. If you are on here looking for migraine headache relief, I truly feel for you. 


  • Pepsi and aspirin or tylenol … It has to be Pepsi in an aluminum can. NOT the plastic or glass bottles. Don’t ask me why on the aluminum can, cause I don’t have a clue. I just know that chugging a can of pepsi with some pain killers will DEFINITELY make a dent in a migraine headache! I didn’t say all the home remedies were HEALTHY, did I?   🙄  Cause this one sure isn’t!!
  • WATER … Drink LOTS of water. It seems to help.
  • FEVERFEW – this herb is KNOWN for it’s powers in killing migraines.


Natural Remedy for Headache from Stress


Oxygen.  So simple and yet so powerful. Breathing can an awesome natural remedy for a headache from stress… We don’t get enough oxygen to our brains and that can cause stress headaches in a hurry.


Buteyko Clinic Method 2hr DVD, CD, Manual; the Complete Instruction to Reverse Asthma, Rhinitis and Snoring PermanentlyButeyko Clinic Method 2hr DVD, CD, Manual; the Complete Instruction to Reverse Asthma, Rhinitis and Snoring Permanently

You know how sometimes we forget to breathe when watching a scary movie, or when we are in deep concentration?


If you take some time to notice your breathing habits, you will be amazed at how LITTLE we actually breathe! Our bodies LOVE oxygen and we so often deprive it of that very precious, FREE and very vital source of energy.


At the start of a headache – especially if you know it’s a stress headache, start taking long deliberate breaths of air, inhaling deeply and holding your breathe for several seconds before letting out a deep exhaling breath.


Sometimes you can literally FEEL the headache subsiding with this simple technique.




There is a cool DVD set you can buy on Amazon called the Buteyko method of breathing that can help with other issues besides headaches, such as asthma, snoring etc, simply with breathing techniques. 


 Peppermint Oil for Headaches

I love both wintergreen and peppermint oil for headaches. I think there are other oils that work also, but the mint ones seem to work great if you rub some on the back of the neck and also on the temples and forehead.


Oils get into your system almost quicker than painkillers sometimes, and are so much healthier to use. Both of these oils are available on Amazon and you can actually get the more potent DoTerra brand on Amazon too. I often get a cheaper brand that seems to work just as well, but there are others that say the DoTerra brand is much more effective. So I guess just follow your gut on this one.


Grab some essential oils TODAY and have them on hand when you need them! I have the Plant Therapy set of oils and USE THEM DAILY.

 doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil – 15ml Peppermint Oil, Premium Therapeutic  Essential Oil  doTERRA Wintergreen Essential Oil Wintergreen 100% Pure,  Essential Oil – 10ml doTERRA Deep Blue Rub, 4 oz



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