Best Biotin Dosage Hair Needs or How About Biotin Beard Growth

biotin dosage hair growth

biotin dosage hair

How Much Biotin Dosage Hair Needs for Length

What biotin dosage hair needs to grow in length or for beard growth… when looking at biotin dosage, just remember that biotin makes hair grow EVERYWHERE else too!


I take 10,000 mcg of biotin on a daily basis. 


It kinda sucks in a way as there is NO END to the shaving. Especially now that it’s summer time and the legs almost HAVE to be shaved.    Altho I LOVE what my hair has turned out like, since taking the biotin, I actually have cut back on how many I take as the leg hair growth is noticeable within a 12 hour period. 😕


Life really IS too short to have boring hair!


This is actually pretty awesome for any guys that are wanting to use the ‘biotin beard growth‘ dosage… you can pretty much rest assured, that you will see a noticeable growth in ANY facial hair with a 10,000 mcg dosage of biotin within days.


But length and thickness is not the only beautiful part of using biotin for hair growth.


The QUALITY of your hair is so beautiful. For some reason biotin creates lovely, healthy, glossy hair growth. So much so, that my hair dresser asked me what I am using for my hair and she is now taking biotin as well for HER hair.


And the nails.biotin for nails


My nails have never been this strong and healthy looking.


I used to use the ItWorks product called ‘Hair, Skin and Nails‘ for hair growth and healthier nails, but it’s kinda spendy, so I started looking around and doing some research on my own as growing hair longer wasn’t necessarily an amish home remedy that I grew up with. ( we couldn’t cut our hair, so we sure weren’t going to ENCOURAGE it to grow!!)


I am thinking the amish guys might have used it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, as they WANT their beards to be nice and long to be a ‘guta amisher‘… I’ll have to ask my dad sometime if he ever used anything to make his beard grow… he is still amish and has a healthy looking beard still at almost 70. 🙂


Does Biotin Increase FACIAL Hair Growth – Help with Biotin Dosage Hair on the Face Needs

does biotin increase facial hair growth

My husband declares that it makes his facial hair grow way too fast. Remember, he was amish till he was in his 30’s so the beard thing is NOT something he wants to grow anymore!


A true amish story: I’ll never forget the day my hubby shaved his beard off… see, from the time we ‘joined church‘ as amish teens, he HAD to grow a beard. It was forbidden to shave the beard off. Mustaches are not allowed, but beards are a HAVE TO.

When we left that lifestyle he still kept it for awhile but just trimmed it short. And then one day he decided the beard is gonna go. 

I felt like I was sleeping with a stranger for awhile after the beard was gone! ha.

He loves the ‘no beard face‘ and I do too, but my boys are all into seeing how big of a beard they can grow now…. They have all kinds of ‘facial hair growing tools, gadgets and doohickies‘ that makes their dad shake his head in amazement. In fact I bought my son this beard grooming set for Christmas and he was thrilled!  😎


Hubby takes biotin for weight management as it says right on the bottle that biotin it ‘promotes carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism’…but he declares the biotin increases his facial hair just too much so he’s backing off the dosage for now, too.


We only ever took one Biotin 10,000 mcg capsule a day but there are folks that take 2 or 3 a day. I think I’d stick with one for a week or so before increasing it to 2 a day.


Here is one testimony that was posted on using biotin for hair growth and it also answers the ‘what biotin dosage hair needs to grow‘ question….

biotin for healthy hair


How Long Does it Take Biotin to Work?

So how long does take biotin to work on growing that hair longer, fuller and the nails more beautiful?


Well, I dare say it only took me about a month to start noticing a difference in both my hair and nails, but as with ANY natural remedy, it varies for each individual.


I would just get some once and take it for a few months.


It can’t hurt and if you do any research on biotin online, you will find all sorts of reasons to add it to your diet.  Our favorite brand is the Natures Bounty brand but there are also others out there.


We buy them from Amazon…


 Nature’s Bounty Biotin 10,000 mcg Biotin Supplement   5-Month Supply Biotin (10,000mcg) Maximum Strength  Biotin 10,000mcg in Coconut 



biotin dosage hair growth

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