Bee Pollen Good for Allergies in Humans AND Dogs

bee pollen good for allergies

Bee Pollen Good for Allergies

HOW is bee pollen good for allergies?


First of all, it’s an all natural product made by bees.


Warre Hive with Observation Windows (Complete 4 Box Warre Kit Fully Assembled)Warre Hive with Observation Windows (Complete 4 Box Warre Kit Fully Assembled)

And secondly, it is made from the very pollens and plants that so often cause allergies in the first place.


uh duh.


Nature itself teaches us how to immunize ourselves if we listen to it! And actually, if you can produce your very own honey in your very own backyard, that is one of the best natural remedies for allergies. The bees will use pollen from all the weeds, flowers and shrubs that are causing the allergies and make yummy honey that is so good for you!


Better than the bee pollen.


There are some really awesome beehives that you can buy now that allow you to watch the bees make the honey and honeycomb.




The hive listed above is a great DIY honey bee hive that you can buy from Amazon. I am fairly sure the bees won’t come with it, but once you have the hive set up, you will find the bees. It’s a great way to teach our children the awesome benefits of honey, and also should produce enough honey for you to use for everything from baking, cooking and as a honey for home remedies.


I am not going to write about all the amazing ways that God created the bee and how the pollen and honey is made, but there are some very interesting articles on the internet that you will love. Here is a great article on how bee pollen is made.


What is Bee Pollen Good For?

I don’t claim to have all the answers to that question but I do know that folks have used bee pollen for many health issues for hundreds of years and one of the main bee pollen health benefits you hear about is for allergies.


And bee pollen is good for DOGS as well as humans. I do not profess to be an expert in animal health though, so I’m gonna let you do your own research on the furry creature part of this topic. =)


Bee pollen is a NATURAL antihistamine and reduces histamine in the body, which is what the over the counter drugs are also designed to do – except in many cases, the drugs have icky side effects whereas bee pollen shouldn’t have any side effects, unless for some reason you are allergic the pollen itself.


Having an allergic reaction to bee pollen is rare, but if that is a concern.. take a few granules and let them dissolve slowly in your mouth, watching for any reactions your body may have. Wait a few hours and take some more. If there is no reaction, you should be safe.


As an amish kid growing up, bee pollen granules is what my parents kept on hand for allergies. My mom always put the granulated pollen into gel capsules, but I know you can also sprinkle the granules on your food, mix into smoothies or just take a half a teaspoonful and eat it raw. It has kind of a sweet taste so it’s not bad tasting.


You can start with taking half a teaspoonful a day and increase to as much as a few Tablespoons per day within a few weeks.


If you suffer from allergies every spring, start taking the pollen granules BEFORE spring ever gets here! NOW is a great time to start getting it into your system.


The bee pollen granules helped my son within days so it’s never too late to start taking it, though.

Bee Pollen for Dogs…

Many times our pets can also benefit from taking natural remedies just as we can. And just as with humans, dogs can have allergic reactions to bee pollen products.


Wholistic Pet Organic Bee Power Granules 1lbWholistic Pet Organic Bee Power Granules 1lb

I would start with a very small amount of bee pollen for your dog and then watch carefully for any responses , such as wheezing or breathing problems. If he/she shows no signs of any discomfort, increase it a little the next day.


Slowly increase over the next few days and weeks until they are getting about a teaspoon per 30 pounds of doggie weight. Mix it with their food. Bee pollen is kinda sweet so it will sweeten their food a little. They will probably like it.


There are special doggie versions of bee pollen but you can use both the pet or human version.




Where to Buy Bee Pollen Granules


I usually buy bee pollen granules from our local health food store in bulk. We use it in smoothies, sprinkle on foods and I also put some into capsules. You can’t get that much into a capsule as the granules are kinda bulky but if you have someone that would rather swallow a few pills than eat the granules, they can just swallow a bunch at a time.


Store the pollen in the fridge as it should be kept cool.


I actually like the blend of bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis blend capsules too as they are so healthy and good for you. These are all honey or bee related products and just a different variation of it.


Bee propolis is sort of the ‘glue’ that holds everything together when the bees are making the honey.  Here is a great article that has great info on what all the propolis can can benefit us for.


And Royal Jelly itself needs to be in everyone’s cupboard. It has so many awesome health benefits.  Here are some of my favorite brands on Amazon…


 Hoosier Hill Farm All Natural Bee Pollen Granules, 1 lb Dr. Danielle’s Bee Well (Royal Jelly , Propolis , Beepollen )  100% Pure Freeze Dried Fresh Royal Jelly – 2000 mg   75 Caps Propolis-Raw Unprocessed   Organic Bee Farms 90 Caps




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      Start with just a tiny little bit for your dog, and watch for any allergic reactions… gradually increase until he’s getting about a teaspoon per 30 pounds of weight. Good luck!

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